Jasper of the Unhallowed

A Treant seeking to fix whatever broke the world.


200 years old

Nurtured for nearly 600 years before he awakened. In the Unhallowed Forest his kind grows until the become sentient and tend to the forest around themselves protecting and expanding.

Their way of life is calm, but fraught with peril. They ensure that humanoids don’t over step in the woods. They keep the land fertile. They worship The Green. Life, specifically plant life, is the most important thing. Nothing supersedes the dedication to keep The Green safe.

An event happened that stirred the woods. It was sudden and alarmed even the eldest of the Unhallowed. The Court of Trees convene and had a quick discussion (3 months straight) to decide what they should do. They send one of their younger born to go out and seek this disturbance. Bringing it to heel for The Green.

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Jasper of the Unhallowed

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